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As a service to our clients, Fredrick James now offers QuickBooks hosting on our dedicated cloud server system. This QuickBooks cloud server is secure, reliable, and available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. It allows you easy access your QuickBooks online data from anywhere in the world at any time, all you need is an internet connection!

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QuickBooks Online Accounting Data Backup

Our QuickBooks hosting takes the burden of accounting data back up away from you and puts your mind at ease. All of your data is stored on our secure QuickBooks cloud server, which is regularly backed up for your protection. You never have to worry about accounting data backup or the possibility of losing your valuable accounting data again!

Enjoy the Convenience

Moving your accounting data to our QuickBooks cloud server not only makes your data available to you, it makes it available to US. No more bringing your QuickBooks data files to our office, or trusting that sensitive data to email. Even better, if you have a question at any time, we can look into your live QuickBooks data from our office and provide answers much more efficiently.



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