Steve Cook, Senior Accountant


Steve Cook has been with the Fredrick James team since 2006. He is currently one of our most experienced Tax Accountants. Steve has extensive experience in accounting and payroll services, individual and business tax return preparation, and tax planning services. He enjoys accounting for the quantitative challenges as well as helping clients keep as much of their hard-earned money as possible. 

Steve has a wide variety of experience in accounting, in both the public and private sectors. Since becoming an accountant, he has worked on many levels of individual and entity-level taxation; tax planning, forecasting, and advising; accounting in all subsystem functions, including specialization in payroll; financial statement analysis and report writing. Steve stays informed on the ever-changing laws and regulations in the tax and accounting world. He is a plethora of knowledge and information.

Steve graduated with a Bachelor’s in Business, specializing in information science. He also earned a Masters in Accounting. Steve completed his Certified Public Accountant designation and has practiced in several states as a CPA.

When Steve is not busy with accounting work, he enjoys traveling throughout the United States. He also enjoys reading and continuously learning about new educational topics. His favorite topics to learn are economics, science, history, culture, and languages. 


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