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"From the moment I walked in the door I had the amazing feeling that I was in good hands with the tax audit issue I was dealing with. Wilda, Fred's assistant, greeted me professionally, but like I was family. This was my first tax audit and it had given me an intense sense of dread for the week prior to hiring Fred. I had moved to Florida recently and let Fred know it was an out of state audit. He assured me that that was not a problem. From that moment on, he was an excellent audit coach. He was very thorough and concise and up front about the expected costs and what would be expected of me and what he would do for me to make the audit as seamless and as enjoyable as possible to make it through the whole process. I was impressed with his professionalism and his candor from the start. It was unexpected, but after our first meeting, due to his extensive experience, he was actually able to help me to relax to the point of accepting and believing that there was actually nothing to worry about and that he would handle everything in the communication process with the auditor, and I could take a back seat. His only requirement of me was to get him the paperwork he asked for each time in a timely manner.(At this I have to admit minor failures) He assured me He would handle the rest. He did exactly what he said he would. It was a paper intensive audit and took about 3 months of back and forth communication between Fred, myself, and the outside state agency (Time delay was due to State Audit response time is very slow as expected) In the end his quote was only about $100 over what he quoted me at the start. That was mostly due to my slow speed of getting the documents to him as quickly as he needed them...he was on top of things more than I was which was very impressive. He runs his office with a higher standard of organization and efficiency than I run my own business...even more impressive, since I consider myself well organized and detail oriented to a fault. In the end, I can not say enough good things about Fred. He is an amazingly rare professional, and a man of integrity and up front clear communication with a drive to give you a greater return on the money you put in! Thank you Fred and Wilda for all of your help and support through one of the scarier moments of my life."

- John B, Clearwater, FL
October 2015

Received over a thousand dollar refund

"We did not feel rushed, Fred Daus made us feel comfortable and confident we had chosen the right agency. Fred Daus took the extra time to look up the answer to our HSA question. We went in expecting we might have to pay this year, but received over a thousand dollar refund. The office manager, Wilda, went above and beyond making us feel welcomed and scheduling appointments that were convenient."

- Theodore D, Clearwater, FL
May 2014

Friendly and private atmosphere

"Private and personal service.....no rush, all questions entertained and answered to complete satisfaction. We filed jointly for the first time in our married lives and fred made the transfer over very easy for my husband who had great concerns. Thanks for being so easy to work with.....the friendly and private atmosphere are very appealing."

- Mary M, Safety Harbor, FL
May 2014

Very Satisfied

"I liked how they explained the tax return after it was completed so I could understand the return. I was able to feel at ease that my tax return was completed accurately. The advice I was given to reduce my taxes owed for next year was very helpful."

- Patricia B, Palm Harbor, FL
May 2014

We are totally satisfied and pleased with our experiences

"I cannot stop at just one thing I liked over the years we have worked with Fred and Wilda. Their friendliness and professionalism, their patience when we wait until the last minute to file, their promptness in preparing our return.....oh, and wilda keeps chocolate in the waiting room!

Fred set up our estimated tax payments through direct withdrawal. I don't have to worry about getting them in on time or getting to the post office to send certified mail. Each year, we are able to reduce our estimated tax payments by the additional money Fred saves us."

- Toni C, Clearwater, FL
February 2014

Frederick James has a Keen Eye

"I wish to commend your receptionist, as she is always courteous, friendly and prompt with service. Such professionalism is rare nowadays. She is an asset to your organization and is part of the reason I look forward to doing business with you again in the future. I also appreciate the time Fredrick James took to study samples of work in advance so his comments were immediately applicable. The quality of this firm is an indication of their future success. Their knowledge of the software and remarkable problem-solving abilities are rare indeed.

My expectations in regard to tax liability were greatly reduced as Frederick James was more than capable of seeing deductions I would not have thought of by myself. My savings from what was expected saved me over a thousand easily. I have found their services to be provided with great diligence and always of good candor."

- Randy K, Clearwater, FL
December 2013

I Look Forward to Tax Time Now...

"I have been a client of Fredrick James for 7 years. I used to dread tax time and now I look forward to it. They got me organized and every year it gets easier and takes less time. They find expenses that I would have never thought of. Every year they find something new.

They are personable and treat me like I am important and meaningful , they are professional and available for me when I need them throughout the year, their attention to detail has saved many potential problems that an inexperienced accountant would not have caught, they are very conscientious of the new tax laws and are always trying to save me money on my taxes.

I highly recommend Fredrick James to anybody who wants to save more than a few dollars in tax while having the peace of mind to know that it has been done right the first time."

- Debra T, Clearwater, FL
June 2013

First Time Using An Accountant

"This was the first time in my life that I did not do my own tax return. My business return was much more complicated than I had to deal with in the past. Fredrick James was very responsive and got the job done right the first time, maximizing my return to my satisfaction. Thanks!"

- Frank B, Clearwater, FL
November 2012

Saved from an IRA Mistake

"I was very pleased with everything you all did for me to straighten out my situation. You were friendly and caring which put me at ease. I thank you for that.

I did not take the required withdrawal from my IRA for the past two years. I did think I would have to pay a penalty, but due to the work done by Fredrick James, I did not have to do so.

The problem was solved and all came out well. Thank you for the great job you did for me!"

- Norma L., Largo, FL
July 2012

Genuinely Interested in Future Needs

"Fred and his staff seemed genuinely interested in helping with future needs, as well as current tax work. They were able to help me work through issues with my IRA contributions and get my expected refund."

- Anonymous, Clearwater, Florida
April 2012

Right the First Time

"Very satisfied with the responsiveness of Fredrick James Accounting. This was my first time not doing my own tax return, and everything was done right the first time! My complicated advocate business was included in the transaction and my return was maximized to my satisfaction."

- Frank B., Clearwater, Florida
April 2012

Big Savings, No Dew...

"Very satisfied with the service received from Fredrick James. The people were great, my only complaint was that there wasn't enough Diet Mountain Dew on hand. But, they were able to resolve my tax problems and save me $4,400, so I really can't complain!"

- Anonymous, Palm Harbor, FL
March 2012

Reliable answers and double the tax refund...

"Everyone in the office is easy to talk to, very friendly. My questions are always answered promptly.

There are many changes to our situation this year such as selling our home in Florida and moving out of state that I wasn't sure how to handle with our personal and business taxes. Fred had the answers and easily advised us. It is a relief to know I can ask my tax and accounting questions and get a reliable answer.

I wasn't sure what to expect this year, but am now waiting for twice the refund I expected.

Fred is knowledgable and pays attention to detail. He takes the time to explain the process and the final tax return."

- Anonymous, Clarksville, TN
March 2012

Confidence, Savings and a Clear Path...

"Fredrick James was VERY resourceful in answering questions that we weren't able to research on our own. Fredrick James was also quite instrumental in helping form my company by providing Accounting, Payroll, Tax and QuickBooks Pro Advising, with access to one of their Cloud Servers to aid me in managing my books. I am no QuickBooks expert, but I certainly can maintain my company's books wholly as a result of Fredrick James' QB Pro Advising classes.

For years we had been using H&R Block to do our taxes. As with every year, we've always paid over $1000 back [at the end of the year]. Once we decided to get accounting help from Fredrick James, for the first time ever, we've been receiving [refunds of] more than $2000 on our personal tax returns.

Since employing the services of Fredrick James, we now have a clear financial path forward; whereas before, we attempted to make decisions based on our limited knowledge. With Fredrick James I feel more financially educated due to the coaching we received along the way; as a result I feel more empowered to make better decisions that would have otherwise been considered too risky. I honestly don't think you could find a more competent, professional, detailed oriented and accommodating accounting firm. I am VERY pleased with my decision in using Fredrick James. Thanks for a wonderful first year, and I look forward to many more years to come."

- Michael G., Clearwater, Florida
December 2011

Back Taxes Resolved...

"Fredrick James helped us resolve our IRS issues by filing our taxes from 8 years back. We got a return of $16,000!"

- William T, St. Petersburg, Florida
August 2011

Problem Solving with a Personal Touch...

"I had major 2007 tax problems that took weeks to sort out. I was able to hand everything to Fred, he took care of everything and explained the entire process. I highly recommend the professional tax services of Fredrick James. All of the staff was professional and courteous. The level of communication was very high and there was a nice personal touch to the service. They are great problem solvers. They will keep your hard-earned money in your pocket!"

- Tyler M., St. Petersburg, Florida
June 2011

A Tax-Saving Relationship...

"We are very pleased with the time Fred spends with us to make sure our return is complete and that we get every deduction that we are entitled to. We like the big-screen TV display of our return so we can actually see each line item as Fred goes over every option. It gives us so much freedom to be able to have estimated quarterly tax payments deducted automatically from our bank so that we don't have to remember or write checks. We appreciate the financial advice that Fred gives us on an individual basis, and the tax savings. We always have to pay quarterly estimated taxes, and the tax refund that Fred got us this year will cover half the year! Hallelujah! We are very pleased withour relationship with Fredrick James and with Fred, Crystal and Wilda. Thank you." - Pete & Toni C., St. Petersburg, Florida
April 2011

Huge Refund...

"Great staff and a huge refund. I expected to get maybe $5,000 or $6,000 back and you guys got me $12,000! It was a great experience overall. I'm looking forward to spending my refund and working with the Fredrick James team next year." - Jesse W., Orlando, Florida
April 2011

One Stop Shopping...

"Very helpful staff, we feel like we are working with a friend instead of a business. Fredrick James took care of an extremely difficult taxyear for us. We thought that we would owe the IRS so much money this year due to an early 401K distribution. The final outcome was much better than we expected, we paid half of what we expected to pay! We highly recommend Fredrick James not only for taxes, but for business needs as well. Fredrick James offers a lot to the small business owner. They took care of all of my accounting and even my marketing and advertising. The are a one-stop shop for business. Thank you Fredrick James, you are awesome!"

- James & Sheila G., Largo, Florida
April 2011

Quick Service and a Big Refund...

"After a year of financial struggle, Fred was able to ease my mind and assist in getting my current and 2009 taxes filed and off my shoulders! My tax returns for both years were completed and ready to sign in 10 days. I was anticipating owing the government $1,000, but surprisingly, I got a $1,500 refund! I would recommend Fredrick James accounting to anyone. They are very professional and accommodating. I work 6 days a week and I was able to come in on Saturdays for my appointments. Thank you!"

- Penny S., Clearwater, Florida
April 2011

Long Term Goals...

"As we wait for developments in our finances, Fred understands our long term goals and has a game plan for us. On our tax return, I did not really have a fixed number in mind, I was rather wishfully looking for around $5,000. Fred got us a refund that was a little over that. Keep up the good work!"

- Paul B., Land O Lakes, Florida
March 2011

Speedy Delivery...

"Fredrick James was able to deal with everything in one meeting and even took the time to explain how the selling of stock impacted my tax return. I really appreciated the speed, efficiency and friendly customer service!"

- David K., Odessa, FL
March 2011

Unexpected Deductions...

"I really liked the one on one personal attention provided by Fredrick James. The large LCD screen showing the different schedules in detail without paper-flipping was great. Fred was able to possibly qualify me for a tax deduction for partial blindness. I received an unexpected tax refund of $484! Fred is very professional in his approach and presentation."

- Charles B., Pinellas Park, Florida
March 2011

Classification Clarification...

"I was experiencing some difficulty with how my business was classified. Fred helped me to set things right. I thought I would owe about $2,000 but instead I got refunded about $2,000. The professional and personal attention I have received will keep me as a loyal client for many years to come." - Deb T., Safety Harbor, Florida
February 2011

Savings far above DIY Tax Software...

"We were very satisfied with the service received from Fredrick James. Everything was explained to us and all questions were answered before moving on. We were going to file our own taxes with Turbo Tax, but were only going to receive about $300. We decided to go through Fredrick James and are now receiving a refund of over $2,000. The service was very personable. The tax return this year was very painless."

- Roy C., Port Richey, Florida
February 2011

Lesson Learned...

"[This firm] is much more thorough and there was an accountant available to talk whenever needed. My other accountant only wanted to talk to me at the end of the year and to get money...[Fredrick James] got me an extra $1,000 right off the bat when they amended my [past] returns, my other accountant forgot a tax credit...altogether they saved me $9,000!" - Robert M.,
June 2010

Put Your Tax Worries to Rest...

"Everyone was so personable, friendly and understanding -- especially understanding. We had a mess due to a bankruptcy and foreclosure (we thought we were going to owe over $15,000) and your firm (Joe in particular) worked hard to get us the most favorable position from our circumstances. Love that man!! OUR TAX RETURN IS VERY WELL NEAR $20,000!!!!"

- Anonymous, Venice, FL
April 2010

The Firm With a Personal Interest In You...

"I feel like I matter as an individual, I am not just a number. Fred listens to my questions, and answers them fully in a manner that I can understand...In addition, he is available at weird hours to accommodate my schedule!"

- Dawn P.,
March 2010

A New Man...

"When you have an unresolved tax issue hanging over you, it causes extreme stress which leads to sleepless nights, constant fear of the unknown and a feeling of low self worth. I learned that if you just face it head on and you hire a true professional then all of those things start to go away and once the professionals have resolved your issues the feeling is unbelievable. Fredrick James saved me so much money ($25,725.70) and improved my life in such a dramatic way that I will be forever grateful. The day that I was notified by Fredrick James advising me that my tax issues had been settled I felt like a new man. I truly felt like a mega million dollar lottery winner and that is truly the best way I can explain it."

- Daniel W.,
February 2010

Going Local Pays Off...

"We had been using Price Waterhouse when a friend recommened Fredrick James to us. We felt we were paying too much in taxes and we liked the idea of working with a local firm so we gave them a chance. We couldn't be happier, we got a bigger refund than we have in a long time and we really appreciated the communication and personal touch."

- Peter & Dawn M.,
February 2010

Attention to Detail & Answers to Questions...

"I appreciated your attention to detail and your willingness to answer all questions in a thorough manner. We'll see you again next year!" - Anne F.,

Getting the Facts Straight...

"My previous accountant didn't take the time to understand my business so I didn't get all exemptions/write offs. FJ saved me $2,000 from last year & I paid about $500 less than I expected to [this year] by analyzing my business expenses & driving."

- Lauren P.,

IRS Demands No More...

"Fredrick James did a great job handling my probate and IRS demands. I was impressed with your ability to deliver complete & on time" - Walter K.,

Letting Go...

"I went to Fredrick James to both close my business and take care of personal tax needs. Fred's understanding of our situation was something I really appreciated."

- Paul B.,

Quick & Efficient...

"Fredrick James helped me with both my business and personal taxes this year. I was very satisfied with their work and impressed by the fast service!"

- Zach S.,

Tax Preparation Leads to Bigger Nest-Egg...

"Everyone was so professional and and our tax liability was reduced so much that I was able to add to my IRA. We have been so pleased that we have sent two other people your way and they are also pleased."

- Carlton T. Jr.,

The Right Team to Tackle IRS Problems...

"Mr. Daus solved one of my tax problems today and he seems to handle tax matters very well. He explained more than anyone ever has before."

- Jeanne S.,

They Make It Personal...

"[The] Service is very personal and staff is very friendly...[the staff] did a good, comprehensive job!"

- Jackie M.,

Extra Effort Pays Off...

"We were very happy with the extra effort to reduce our tax liability, our refund was much greater than we expected."

- Gary E.,

Left With a Smile...

"We liked the expertise and patience provided by Mr. Fredrick J. Daus. Also, his ENTIRE staff, how friendly and helpful they were! Thank you!"

- Brian & Kerry M.,

New Business Taxes...

"We are confident in [Fredrick James'] expertise and solid integrity. We have been overwhelmed by the amount of time, effort and care given to us personally, even during busy tax season. We know we are in good hands! We filed for business as well as personal taxes this year for the first time so we weren't sure if we would receive a refund, but we were pleasantly surprised when we did."

- Marc & Bethany C.,

Prepared for the Future...

"We were pleasantly surprised by the time Fred took before the actual preparation-learning about our history & what next year may bring. He gave me many suggestions on how to be better positioned for 2010 that I was not aware of that will greatly impact our next tax filing."

- Kathleen G.,

Stamp of Approval...

"My experience [with Fredrick James] was very good. The staff was helpful and informative, Fred was very pleasant as well as helpful. I would not hesitate to refer anyone to this office. Thank you!"

- Alverta B.,

Tax Help Leads to Financial Improvements...

"We were impressed with the amount of time Fred spent with us to help us understand our situation. We especially appreciated Wilda's friendliness and professional manner. Fred even gave us some advice about distribution of IRA fund."

- Peter C.,

First U.S. Tax Experience...

"We came to Fredrick James to file our personal taxes and we really liked that we received personal attention and a high level of communication. This was our first year in the U.S.A., we will definitely be using their services again next year." - Peter M.,

In Good Hands...

"Zach and I just wanted to say thank you...for your excellent service-not just with the returns, but with the communication, help and instruction we've received. Thank you for making us feel comfortable-we know we're in good hands!"

- Zach & Brittany S.,

Keeping It In The Family...

"Our family is so thankful that we called Fredrick James about the capital gains tax on the sale of our house. We ended up paying NO capital gains tax & saved $13,000!"

- Jason & Tricia G.,

Pleasantly Surprised...

"Great service, wonderful personnel! We always paid taxes, this was the first time in many years we received money back."

- Joaquim & Joyce L.,

Taxation With Representation...

"[Fredrick James] got me the largest tax refund I've ever recieved, thanks!" - Michael M.,

The Friendly Accountants...

"I use Fredrick James for both my business and personal tax needs and have been very satisfied with their friendly service. They've helped me resolve tax issues and got me a nice refund."

- Robert W. ,

Thousands Saved in Less Than 24 Hours...

"I work for the City of Clearwater and found Fred's office on our employee website. I had gotten letters from the IRS and had 24 hours to file an old tax return before I lost the refund. Not only did Fredrick James get my return filed in time they even maximized my old return to increase the refund! They gave me advice for future returns too and will be helping me with my corporation; I already saved thousands and am looking forward to saving even more in the future. Everyone was very attentive and helpful, unlike the other two accounting firms I had visited. This is truly a unique firm."

- John & Lauren M.,

Unexpected Refunds...

"A friend recommended Fredrick James to me because I had been to several other accountants but was unsatisfied with them. They didn't explain my tax return at all and were not very thorough. After going to see Fred I understand my tax return and was really surprised to get a big refund when I wasn't expecting to. I love the tax organizer Fred gave me too. I will definitely be recommending Fred to all of my friends!"

- Marcia S.,

Business Growth...

"Fred and his staff have ALWAYS had my best interest in mind. They are always looking for ways to help me save money and also on ways to improve my business. This help has been invaluable to me this last year and I can't thank Fred enough for all they do for me." - Bruce B., Small Business Owner,

Helping Clients Succeed...

"Our previous accountant was not serving us in our best interest...[at Fredrick James] the customer service and care is genuine and Fred really wants us to succeed in our business. They saved us about $5,000!"

- Rebecca H., Managing Member,

Making A Difference...

"I chose this firm because my past 2 accountants were unresponsive and never explained anything to me. My experience at Fredrick James has been totally different because they go out of their way to explain everything and they’re so easy to get a hold of whenever I’ve got a question. I have never really understood my tax return until I engaged this firm. Now I make better decisions in my personal life and business thanks to the team at Fredrick."

- Heather A., Executive Assistant and Retail Sales Coordinator,

Professionals All The Way...

"Fred's office is a well oiled machine. His website is almost as impressive as his paperless office. He can take care of everything from setting up a business for you to making sure you are playing by the rules."

- Marcy H., Financial Representative,

Reducing Your Tax Bill...

"The first day I met with Fred and his staff I felt that they were confident they knew the procedures and how they were going to take care of [our] problems. And they did! We went from possibly owing $17,000 to receiving a refund of $7,000! Definitely worth the investment!" - Darien & Sheila S.,

Setting Matters Right...

"When I first hired Fred's accounting firm many years ago - I was in a IRS accounting nightmare. Fred took great care of my accounting needs and solved my problems swiftly and systematically and straightened out everything with the IRS. I am most impressed with Fred and his entire organization of great people. I recommend Fred and his firm to anyone exploring competent and personalized accounting services at very reasonable rates." - Jeffrey D., CEO,

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