Server and Network Maintenance

Fredrick James offers network consulting, service, education and Internet solutions. Our knowledgeable staff is trained to identify specific needs, consult with the customer, and implement the most logical solution to meet those needs. Our preventative maintenance contracts provide a cost-effective approach for on-site services. As a managed service contract customer, you will enjoy our on-site response time guarantee during normal business hours.

Why should you choose Fredrick James?

Single Point of Contact: If you have equipment from multiple manufacturers, using the OEMs for maintenance is costly and complicated. Fredrick James reduces the confusion with a single point of contact for your entire IT infrastructure.

Unbiased Hardware Support: Our priority is maintaining your IT infrastructure, not convincing you to buy new equipment. We offer completely unbiased recommendations designed to help you keep your maintenance costs low and your business efficient!

 Maintenance Services Include:

Server Maintenance

  • Server Preventive Maintenance
  • Computer Preventive Maintenance
  • Maintain Service Packs, Security Patches, Hot Fixes
  • Monitor and Verify Backup Software
  • Virus / Spyware / Malware monitoring and management
  • SPAM management
  • Reviewing network operations to improve performance
  • Network security
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention
  • Security Assessment Analysis
  • Patch management and compliance
  • Vulnerability management
  • Network Optimization
  • Router and Switch Optimization
  • Log monitoring for potential problems
  • Internet Connection Monitoring and Performance
  • Decreased System Downtime
  • Network additions and modifications
  • Checking hard drives for fragmentation to improve performance
  • Software and firmware updates as needed
  • Monitor Hard Drive Space Usage
  • Battery Backup Monitoring
  • Supplementing existing IT departments
  • Review Hardware Life Cycle
  • Software Recommendations
  • Hardware Recommendation
  • Spares Inventory Management
  • Driver and Firmware Updates as needed
  • Cooling Consulting
  • Temporary File Deletion
  • Equipment Cleaning and dust removal
  • Office to office relocation
  • Remote managed services
  • Improved system reliability
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