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Computer Forensics

Consider your average office-duty copier. Think of how many customer names, phone numbers, driver’s licenses, and even social security numbers your company copies on a daily basis. Are you aware that many of these copiers have hard drives in them which save digital versions of every document scanned? That means all of that sensitive and confidential information which comes through your company is saved onto that hard drive. If you simply send the copier to a garbage dump when you’re done with it, anyone could get their hands on that hard drive and access every piece of information.

Now consider your computer; it has much of the same sensitive and confidential information stored on it. Also, your computer likely has your personal passwords, credit card numbers, and even pictures and information about your family saved on it. You have probably thought about the security of this data before, but did you know that simply deleting these files off of your computer doesn’t delete them permanently? Even formatting a hard drive doesn’t make the data unrecoverable.

This may sound like a scary thriller movie, but there is good news, as this gives you the opportunity to recover data that was accidentally deleted or saved to a defective hard drive. It is also possible, with the proper tools, to permanently delete this data. Fredrick James offers a range of services to help you with the security of your sensitive data. Our data deletion procedures are compliant with the Department of Defense’s standards, and if your lost data hasn’t been destroyed in such a manner, we have the tools to retrieve it and get your business back up and running. We can also prevent your data from becoming lost in the first place with on-site or off-site data backup.

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