Data Recovery

Recover Lost, Deleted or Corrupt Data

If you have encountered data loss, please power off the computer or server where the loss has occurred. If you are on the computer that requires data recovery please write down our phone number (727) 474-0922 and power off the computer as soon as possible. If your lost data is over written it may be lost forever.


Fredrick James can help you recover deleted e-mails, documents, and other files from your computer or failing drive. We are partners with the best specialists to handle almost any type of data recovery job. Our team can handle any type of loss including deletion, hardware failure, fire damage to hardware, water damage to hardware, hard drive failure, hard drive physical damage including dropped laptops or dropped notebooks, data loss from virus and much more.

How Is It Done?

The first step to any data recovery job is to attempt hardware repair on the hard drive itself. Sometimes it is as simple as replacing a logic board on the hard drive or a power module. Sometimes the heads needs to be replaced or the arm motors inside the hard drive have failed and need to be replaced with the identical part. Anytime a hard drive is opened it needs to be done inside a dust free environment, called a clean room, because a single spec of dust can destroy a hard drive.

If the hard drive is operational or after it is repaired, an attempt to back up the raw hard drive data is performed. If that is successful we work from the copy and your original drive is secured as a backup. Your raw data is then scanned using Data Recovery software that will attempt to compile your raw data into a usable form.

There is a very high percentage of success if the drive is operational, especially if the files missing or lost were accidentally deleted. To minimize the chance for complete loss we always recommend that as soon as the lost data is noticed, the server or computer with the data loss should be immediately powered off and unplugged.

 Common Data Loss Scenarios:

  • Power Surge Hard Drive Failures
  • Server Hard Drive Recovery
  • Sabotage Deletion or Format
  • Accidental File Deletion
  • Dropped Notebook Hard Drive Failure
  • Complete Hard Drive Failure
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