What To Expect

Big tax changes are on the horizon, do you know what to expect? Whether our new president is Republican or Democratic, there WILL be changes, and your tax liability WILL increase for the 2012 tax year. But, how much?

Tax Forecasting

We try to keep our blog articles informative, not too “preachy” and not overly “pitchy”, but this is one that we just have to tell you is well worth doing! You need the expertise of a tax professional who keeps current on all of the latest tax code changes, as well as changes that are on the horizon. With our help, you can know how much your tax liability will be, and you’ll know early enough that you can make significant financial changes BEFORE the end of 2012 that can have a favorable impact and reduce the amount that you will owe! We call it Tax Forecasting.

What is Tax Forecasting

Tax Forecasting involves estimating your income and expenses for the remainder of the year, applying our knowledge of how to file your taxes to gain the greatest benefits, and making recommendations of actions that you can take that can greatly impact your tax liability.

Don’t Wait!

For Tax Forecasting to be an effective tool to reduce your taxes, you need to get started now! We recommend requesting your Tax Forecast by mid-November so that we can complete it in time for you to react and put our advice to work to save you tax dollars before the end of the year.

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