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How Do You Handle Multi-state Taxes?
Feb 28, 2018 in    
If your business is headquartered in one state, but you sell your products across the border, do you have to pay taxes in the recipients' state? This answer depends largely on whether you have what is referred to as a "nexus," meaning an establishment in the recipients' state. So what is a [...]

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What to Know About Private Tax Debt Collection
Feb 21, 2018 in    
To collect unpaid taxes, the IRS is turning to private companies. The growing backlog of debt is proving too much for the agency, which announced this past April that it's turning to four debt collection companies to round up outstanding payments from taxpayers who've been contacted numero [...]

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Why Is Padding Your Tax Deductions a Risky Proposition?
Feb 14, 2018 in    
"In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes" is a quote often attributed to Benjamin Franklin. With that in mind, it's best to be prepared, at least financially, for taxes and tax season each year.
The Risks
When it comes to deductions, things can get [...]

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Business Tax and Bad Debt
Jan 31, 2018 in Business Tax    
When can you use bad debt to reduce business income? Even when you take the customer to court and you still don't get your money, there's a way to make lemonade from this lemon of a customer.
If your business has already shown this amount as income for tax purposes, you may be able [...]

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Are You Giving Your Taxes Year-round Attention?
Jan 17, 2018 in Business Tax    
Numerous tax experts agree that addressing your tax liability effectively requires planning throughout the year. Those business owners who reap the most benefits consider their taxes year-round, rather than waiting to focus on tax payments just a few weeks before the filing date.
A typical sm [...]

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The Secrets Behind 'Miscellaneous Deductions'
Dec 10, 2017 in Business Tax    
Want to reduce taxable income and the dough you have to fork over to the IRS? You may not have considered some work expenses — uniforms, for example — that fall under the category of miscellaneous deductions. So here's the deal: Itemize deductions rather than take the standard deduc [...]

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Fredrick James is Honored as a 2014 USF Fast 56 Award Recipient
Apr 17, 2014 in Business Tax    

The University of South Florida (USF) Alumni Association honored the 2014 USF Fast 56 – the fastest growing USF alumni owned or led businesses in the world – at a celebration held Friday, April 11, in the Marshall Student Center Ballroom at USF Tampa.
Fredrick James led by [...]

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5 Tax-Savers for Your Small Business
Nov 15, 2013 in Business Tax    
The tax law changes in 2013 for small business owners aren’t as monumental as those for individual taxpayers
Alert: There are still plenty of tax-saving opportunities for businesses at the end of the year. In fact, you might take advantage of several generous provisions included in the [...]

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Top 10 List of Personal Tax Strategies
Nov 14, 2013 in Business Tax    
For most taxpayers, year-end tax planning usually means accelerating deductions into the current year while postponing taxable income to the next year. And then you do the same thing the following year.
Alert: This conventional strategy may still work for you, but it’s not so cut-and-dr [...]

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IRS Postpones 2012 Tax Filings
Feb 13, 2013 in Business Tax    

As the Fiscal Cliff debate ends and new laws are passed, the IRS warns taxpayers of the inevitable delays in the 2012 tax season.   The IRS stated on its website in early January 2013 that it will not accept any individual returns until January 30, 2013 and have released a statement on [...]

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