Having Trouble Paying Taxes?

Are you one of the thousands of people who got hit with an unexpectedly high tax bill this year? Hey, it happens. Our federal tax code is very complicated, and it’s easy to overlook something that can cost you a ton of money in tax liability. And, of course, the IRS expects you to have money set aside to pay for it!

We can help. The tax accountants at Fredrick James are familiar with all of the ways that your tax liability can be reduced (yes, even after you’ve filed you taxes and gotten that big bill), and ways that you can delay payment, reduce or eliminate penalties, interest and late fees. In some cases we can even negotiate a compromise with the IRS to even further reduce your tax debt.

If you are faced with a tax bill that you can’t afford to pay, call us! One way or another, we can help you. From determining if your tax liability was properly calculated to locating additional tax credits and deduction that you may qualify for, to helping you reduce your balance and penalties due, to helping you develop a payment plan or secure other funding to pay off the IRS, we can help.

This applies to personal taxes, as well as small or large business taxes. The IRS wants their money, but they’re not unwilling to work with the a taxpayer to ease their burden as much as they can. And we have the experience required to mediate with the IRS on your behalf. We can make your tax problems go away. It’s what we do.

Visit us at FredrickJames.com. We serve clients throughout the world through our virtual office. Read more about our virtual office. If you have any questions or need assistance with your accounting, payroll or taxes please Contact us Today!

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