Accounting Overview

Why You Need an Accountant

You need a professional accounting firm to watch your back. Whether you are a business owner or just an individual who wants to improve your financial standing now and in the future, you’re not an accountant and you shouldn’t have to be. Fredrick James is an accounting company dedicated to helping improve the long-term financial health of each of our clients and keep them from making costly mistakes in the short-term.

Our accountants are on par with those of even the largest CPA firm, but you may not need a certified public accountant. A quick consultation with the Fredrick James accounting firm will help you understand what level of accounting services you need. For a quick overview of the differences between bookkeepers and accountants, read our Bookkeeping page.

Public Accountants and Personal Accountants

Like the typical CPA firm, our accounting firm has certified public accountants on staff to provide the accounting services that you need. If you need a personal accountant to help with managing your finances, your retirement planning or your taxes; we are here for you. If you own a business and require the services of a seasoned accountant to set up, evaluate or overhaul your company’s books, we can do that too!

What you will find with Fredrick James is a level of service that a large CPA firm can’t deliver. Our accountants are here when you need them, and always striving to save you money and keep you out of financial and legal trouble. Putting our team to work keeping your records organized offers more than one benefit: When you have an accurate picture of your financial situation you have the confidence to make your money work for you. It also makes it easier for you to seek financing for your home, business improvements or other big purchases and allows you to begin planning for the future.

"I feel like I matter as an individual, I am not just a number. Fred listens to my questions, and answers them fully in a manner that I can understand...In addition; he is available at weird hours to accommodate my schedule!" -Dawn P.

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